The Town is silent.

The night boils with eleven stars.

Oh starry starry night! This is how

I want to die.”

Vincent VanGogh. “Starry,Starry Night

A visual journey through many ways to create visual art.

  • “Apples and Dandy”

    Making art is something that no-one really can describe accurately. Art comes to the artist, soars in the mind, moves and dances, changes and flirts with the artist until finally the artist has to grab something to put it onto some format. It can be a lined journal, a napkin, a wall, floor or piece of cloth. Paint with wine, coffee, or draw with a ball point pen. Out comes the idea to either be built upon later or left on the napkin to land in the dustbin.

    I am putting up this site, not to sell art because most of the art you see here has been sold. but to show the many people who ask me what I did as an artist the many way I chose to create. Art is part passion, part ability and a lot determination. It really doesn’t matterwhether one is born with some talent and chooses to use it, or because she or he is determined to try. For me, a driving influence is curiosity. What will this medium do and how do I create this or that. Imagination, curiosity, love of color, form, light and shadow, and the wonder that comes from watching some piece of art grow under the movement of the hand and tool.

    “Jazz for Art by Jaquith Travis
    There is, for me, a feeling of wonder when I am working on a piece is finished and sits before me. When the piece is finished  I have this sense that the image came from someplace, somehow, outside myself.  It is like watching something come alive with my hands.

    When painting, whether with glaze, watercolor, oil or acrylic, nature is never far from my mind. This is one of a series of bowls with the blue heron as the centerpiece of the art. The great blue heron is a magnificent bird, one of a number of nature’s awe and wonder creations.

Oranges and Blossoms by Jaquith Travis
Glaze on Ceramic by Jaquith Travis. The beauty and sweetness of Nature and the earth, water, sun and soil in the round oranges that grow from the sweet, white blossoms.
Tangled Garden by Jaquith Travis
Every artist approaches their art in their own way. For me, creating art comes from my heart as I wander through Nature’s creations. Creating a piece of art stimulates my curiosity as I see the many ways there are to create. This tangled garden is done with Digital Art. Digital is a fascinating, magical way to create.
Midnight Iris” by Jaquith Travis. Fabric Paint on untreated canvas. Life is always happiness, joy and abundance. It never will be. This is a good thing for without the darkness that can hide in the corners of our heart we would not know the sweetness of the light when it does show up. The darkness is our gift that calls to us, sometimes with pain, sometimes through sorrow. It calls us to grow, to forgive, to understand ourselves or another or both. Here in Midnight Iris, the Iris, named for the Greek Goddess of the Rainbow, are in darkness at midnight, the darkest time of the night. Their beauty still glows in the dark, reminding us that it is still springtime, even in the blackest of nights.
Glazed Ceramic Bowl
Glaze on Ceramic Bowl
Self Portrait by Jaquith Travis
For a while my husband lived in an idea place, high above the main street on a rocky hillside looking over a small lake, nestled in the bowl of surrounding mountains. It was idealic and too good to last. The herons that lived in the lake flew overhead now and then.
Breaking Boundries by Jaquith Travis

“Unintended Journey” by Jaquith Travis

There are times when an idea has a direction of it’s own and it’s best to follow the idea rather than bend the idea to my will. This pen and ink started as a simple exercise with pen and ink, with a tiny quill pen. But it dripped. From there the drip became part of the whole. So every addition to this piece of art was a function of a drip, drip, drip as the idea became excited with itself and grew to what you see here.

Painting with watercolor gives me so much to play with.  Colors can run together or can be separate.  The Pears and Pomegranante has colors that run together to create the whole.  In English Cottage Garden the colors are painted separately. 

Digital art is another way to create works of art. It is quite magic, the way the art appears on the screen with the various available tools there are with which to create these artworks

Women in Red by Jaquith

Vibrant Day Lily